Client Testimonials


Fertility Testimonials

I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for us. Your kindness, dedication, discretion and sheer encouragement went a great way to us achieving our goal in bringing our baby daughter into the world. Fertility treatment isn’t easy. I was having lots of time off work already, and the worry about this added to the pressure. I was recommended to you via BUPA, as my health plan covered acupuncture provided it was run by a registered medical acupuncturist. You worked with me to hold sessions in my dinner hours. You went out of your way to accommodate my late notice requests. You made special arrangements to ensure my acupuncture sessions were timed exactly as the medical dictionary dictated, putting aside personal commitments. For this I am truly grateful. You made me feel that my treatment and the hope of having a baby were as important to you almost as much as me and my husband. This dedication is very rare these days.

Thank you for making a very difficult time a little bit easier. Thank you for always putting my needs first, making me feel important and always knowing what to say. Thank you most of all for enabling us to combine acupuncture with the fertility drugs and treatment, as this is what got me that positive pregnancy test and the baby daughter we have longed for for so long.

My husband and I are truly grateful, and we may see you again in the future if we decide to give our daughter a baby brother or sister.

Mrs LG, Leek, Staffs

When you have been trying for a baby for a while, something as simple as having irregular menstrual cycles can really affect your mood, as it can provide you with false hope that when your period is late, you might be pregnant.

Month after month of false hope made me desperate, if I couldn’t have any control over whether I would ever get pregnant, I at least wanted to eliminate the uncertainty associated with having irregular periods.
I found Greg by chance on the internet. I had never had acupuncture before, but I was willing to give anything a try! Acupuncture worked its magic straight away. My menstrual cycles changed from being anything from between 27 and 43 days for the last 20 years to between 28 and 30 days!

The more sessions I had with Greg, the acupuncture became secondary to the reassurance and shoulder to cry on, which he provided for the many low points I went through over the next year.
Two rounds of IVF later, a miracle happened and I am now expecting twins!

No-one will ever know for certain what part acupuncture played in my success story, but I know it had a role and together with Greg’s support, it made a huge difference to my wellbeing during a very difficult time.

Mrs SC, macclesfield

Musculoskeletal Testimonial

I have been a patient of Dr Carter’s since 2004.  At that time I was waiting to have a hip replacement.  Painkillers didn’t agree with me so I looked for an alternative treatment.  I am so glad I found out about acupuncture.  On my first visit he explained exactly what to expect, and was very honest in saying that if I felt no benefit after 4-6 treatments he would not continue treating me.   I was also reassured to know that he is a qualified doctor.

Over the years I have been a regular patient, having acupuncture treatment for a variety of conditions including neck, shoulder, legs, feet and hand problems.  I cannot recommend Dr Carter highly enough.

Mrs WA, Macclesfield

Allergies Testimonial

For approximately 9 years I have suffered with varying degrees of sinus problems. I am a Personal Fitness Trainer who has to listen to loud music and lift weights as part of my job and this often compounded my misery. After trying many ‘solutions’ to my problem without success, I was recommended to Dr Greg Carter to try acupuncture.

I’m ‘cured’, I could not be happier with the results, Greg explained very simply how acupuncture would work and right from my first treatment ‘what a difference’. I can breathe, smell (not always a good thing in my job), and my ‘heady’ feeling has disappeared.

It’s now been 15 months and I still regularly see Greg as it’s important to keep my sinus problems away, but also because his next task is to sort out my hayfever allergy!!

Mr RA, Macclesfield

Back Pain Testimonial

I had suffered from worsening back pain for over a year.  As painkillers were having little effect, acupuncture came to mind.  When I found Dr Carter I felt confident that as a GP he would understand my problem. His friendly manner put me at ease, and he explained every detail of treatment. I improved with every session – I’m so glad I made that phone call.

Mrs PC, Macclesfield

Chronic Pain Syndrome & Menopausal Testimonial

Following back injury in 2011 I was left with multiple symptoms which were eventually diagnosed as Chronic Pain Syndrome. I was offered pain killers and basically told that this is it for life. I felt abandoned and alone and sank into a very dark place. The prospect of a life living with constant pain is not a good one. My physio daughter suggested I try acupuncture. This is the best thing I could have done!

Dr Carter met me with gentle care and a very professional approach. He did not offer me ‘magic’ answers to the pain but he gave me hope. I have now received treatment for a couple of years. Some symptoms are completely under control and others are much easier. I am certain that this is due to the acupuncture. The times between treatments are gradually being extended but I know that Dr Carter will see me at short notice if at all possible should I experience a flare up.

He has also treated me for my menopausal hot flushes. The treatment for this is amazing and I have found the results to be instantaneous! Result – I am sleeping well, not having constant sweats and am much easier to live with!!
I am so grateful to Dr Carter and would recommend anyone considering contacting him for acupuncture to not hesitate!

Mrs SP Macclesfield

Acupuncture for children Testimonial

We approached Greg for some help with our 7 year old son who had recently starting suffering from patches of alopecia. Greg was reassuring but realistic from the outset. We found his bedside manner with our son (and daughter!) thoughtful, patient and fun, whilst getting the job done! Our sons condition how now completely resolved. Overall we couldn’t recommend him more for his clinical and interpersonal skills.

WH, manchester